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Relativity is helping SME businesses to identify and connect with customers, through a range of customer insight, analysis and database management services.


Co-Founder Nicki Mackin said that business owners and marketing leaders have a valuable resource in their own data, but it’s often not used to its full potential. Nicki commented;

“Marketers understand the importance of data skills for future success. However, this is at odds with a comparative lack of data expertise within some businesses.

The DMA’s Business Skills Census highlighted that marketers believe that skills in customer insight, data analysis and database management will be crucial; we help companies to address this gap.”

The statistics are compelling. The DMA’s recent Business Skills Census 2019 report found that;

  • 95% of marketers believe that ‘Analysing customer data/insight’ will be important to future business success
  • ‘Data’ skills (87%) were deemed the most important for business by marketers
  • ‘Data’ skills were only available at 79% of companies – lagging behind all other skill sets

So while businesses have highlighted the importance of data skills, those same businesses are often lacking. And that’s where we come in. By working with Relativity, businesses can utilise data expertise that they don’t have access to in-house.

Insight and analysis is key to the success of multichannel strategies; running across digital, print, email and mobile technologies. In particular, integrating print is a key area and offers real opportunity for businesses after GDPR.

Example: Personalisation

A project for an international client enabled their marketing teams to achieve localisation in their region, under global branding. Automation includes translation, ensuring that marketing assets can be produced in different languages as required. The system provides full visibility and reporting, enabling analysis and improved data management.

Example: Systems Integration

Another project involved integrating marketing data streams with SalesForce CRM. This enables the client to link campaigns directly with sales results, enabling end-to-end analysis and enhanced customer insight. They are now able to identify the true ROI of their marketing spend.

Customer Insight

Mackin said they see themselves as puzzle solvers;

“We listen to the challenges and pain points of a business, and then devise a strategy and solution to fit. This means that we are agile and flexible in our approach, and innovative in our use of software and technology.

With our marketing and technical expertise, we support teams seeking to implement data-driven strategies. We can make life easier, identifying valuable customers and segments and saving time. It delivers businesses a real competitive advantage.”

Using XMPie software and a combination of techniques including personalisation, variable data printing and digital asset management, the team point out that automation isn’t only for large organisations. Data and technology is changing the face of marketing, and companies with data skills and insight will succeed.

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