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Our client is a well known logistics brand and Fortune 100 Company. They offer logistics services worldwide.

The challenge

The client operated paper-based multiple tariffs to its vast customer base. As multi-page documents these were both costly and time consuming to produce. They were also rigid in format, offering no flexibility for last minute changes to products, services or rates.

As part of a digital transformation initiative, the company recognised that this could work more efficiently as part of a multi channel solution with online resources as well as personalised dynamic emails. However as a global organisation, the chosen provider had to satisfy a number of technical requirements.

Relativity was selected due to:

  • Market-leading dynamic personalisation software
  • Portability of solution to ensure all disaster recovery aspects are met
  • Security by Design, meeting the client’s criteria and covering all aspects of Cyber Essentials
  • Ability to scale as necessary, due to an agile and flexible model
  • Financial credentials, meeting the requirements of a global firm

A robust solution was necessary to provide an improved customer experience and meet the needs of the business.

Key Benefits for Client

  • Review rate cards prior to go live
  • Instant access to customer data to mitigate queries and credits
  • Reduced workload and improved efficiency

Security by Design (Cyber Essentials)

  • Working in conjunction with the client’s IT and security teams
  • Robust risk management of infrastructure and data held
  • Multiple client Penetration Tests undertaken to ensure system security

The solution

This was a complex project with advanced technical and data security requirements. However, it was imperative to also deliver an improved, easy to use system for customers.

We built a bespoke online portal with email capability. This comprised of an automated workflow, enabling a series of personalised letters and dynamic emails to communicate customer tariffs in a given time period.

The new system reduced the size from a multi-page document to a single page letter, providing numerous savings:

  • Reduced production costs
  • Reduced postage costs (large letter to letter rate)
  • Reduction in the time required for data collation for the rate cards

In addition, the system continues to provide added value and benefits to the business:

  • Flexibility to make last minute rate/fuel changes
  • Visibility of customer touch points via real time date stamp reporting
  • Customer suppressions

As an annual campaign, we were also able to significantly reduce the lead time by 2 months. It can now be actioned in Q4 for go live on 1st January, whereas previously it needed to commence in Q3.

The workflow is automated, personalised and fully trackable. Touch point and time stamp reporting gives the client visibility and control of the campaign.

The outcome

The online portal provides a centralised, flexible, admin friendly solution. Managing information and rates unique to each client, it enables millions of permutations of dynamically created rate cards.

This allows sales teams to access and review rates for a specific client before they go live. It’s also a centralised information hub, enabling the quick resolution of any queries.

The system provides dynamic, up to date information to both sales teams and customers. It has led to a reduction in queries and rate disputes and resulted in significant cost savings to the client.

“We have a longstanding relationship with Nicki and Relativity, having worked with them since 2013. Their solution meets our requirements for last minute changes to products, services and rates, giving us total flexibility when communicating with customers. But they bring a host of other benefits too.

Their industry expertise and technical skill sets bring peace of mind; we rely on them and know that robust systems are in place to protect our business and our customers. I recommend Relativity for digital transformation, customer communication or customer engagement projects.”

Global Logistics Company

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