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Personalised campaigns will set you apart in a crowded digital space


The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is impacting every part of our lives, from spending more time at home to the way we spend our money.

For marketers, this will have a wide-ranging impact on customer strategies and campaigns. Ecommerce has seen notable growth, increasing by 19.7% month-on-month in May – of course driven by lockdown.

Yet with social distancing in place for the longer term, it’s likely that this trend will continue.

To gain attention and conversions in a crowded digital space, a robust Personalisation strategy will be essential. The ability to anticipate needs and offer relevant, personalised offers will set you apart.

So if you need to implement or refine your personalisation strategy, first work through our handy checklist.

  • 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalised experiences
  • 79% of shoppers say they are only likely to engage with an offer if it has been personalised to reflect previous interactions they’ve had with a brand
  1. Start with data

Always start with your data to gain a picture of your current buyers, their behaviour and to identify your ideal customers.

  • What data do I have; can I access it? Is it accurate?
  • Do I need a data audit?
  • Do I have a full customer view, including newsletter subscribers, competition entrants, social media followers and customer support data?
  • Is my data GDPR compliant?
  • What buying behaviour does the data show?
  • Can I identify my best customers? What do they have in common?
  • Can I easily segment my data?
  1. Your ideal customer

Identifying your target customers will lay the foundations for successful campaigns.

  • Who are my best customers?
  • Are these the same as my ideal customers? Or are you aiming to shift the audience?
  • Can I identify these specific targets?
  • Do I have up-to-date buyer personas?
  • Do I have content that aligns to each persona?
  • What value can I add for customers? How can I provide the best experience?
  • How can I engage customers and improve loyalty?
  • What action do I want the audience to take next?
  1. 7 Steps to Success

Once you have analysed your data and gained insight into your ideal customers, you can ensure that you have the right strategy in place.

  1. What defines success? Ensure that you are clear what you can measure from the start, and what indicators equal success.
  2. Segment your audience. Use unique identifiers to target the right message to the right person.
  3. Refine your messages. Effective personalisation will ensure that messaging is relevant and engaging to each segment: personalise email, direct mail, website landing pages, text, language and imagery.
  4. Embrace omnichannel. Adopt technology that ensures you maintain consistent messaging across channels; dynamically updating content depending on user action and platform.
  5. Provide a strong CTA. Drive your audience to the next stage with a clear call to action in each message, moving the user through the buying process.
  6. Be consistent. Use your data and insight to remarket on the channels you know your audience visits, encouraging them back to your site.
  7. Test, Refine, Analyse. Always test, refine and review your campaign. Know what’s working and what needs to be adjusted.
  • Email 75% of marketers believe personalisation yields higher click-through rates.
  • Website Personalised homepage promotions influence 85% of consumers to buy while personalised shopping cart recommendations influence 92% of shoppers online.
  • Content 87% of consumers surveyed say that personally relevant branded content positively influences how they feel about a brand.

Source: https://instapage.com/blog/personalization-statistics


Data challenges? No problem

Marketers say that the biggest challenges with personalisation are gaining insight quickly enough (40%), having enough data (39%), and inaccurate data (38%).

We can help you to overcome data challenges and run effective, personalised campaigns. We’ll work with you to identify your best customers, improve loyalty and grow sales.


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