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We talk a lot about personalisation and its benefits for increasing customer engagement and conversions. Yet, to drive seamless, integrated campaigns across multiple channels requires innovative technology.

XMPie is the software platform we use to deliver your personalised marketing campaigns. You may not have heard of it, but it’s certainly worth knowing what it can do for your campaigns!

Personalised outreach campaigns

XMPie software enables you to reach out and have a dialogue with each and every customer on your list. Messaging is targeted specifically to your customer in print and online, and is fully integrated for an omnichannel approach.

It enables you to target customers on a personal level, with complete consistency across channels. We’ve added some examples below so you can see how it works.

  • Retail  You have a seasonal sale and email customers a personalised offer based on their purchase history. You also mail a print catalogue with the same offer to the individual, giving the offer consistency and longevity.
  • Automotive  A car dealership may want to contact all customers for a certain period. Personalisation details can include imagery, so the relevant car make & model is shown. Include a print piece with a personalised offer, directing readers to a personalised landing page for offer sign up.
  • Membership  An organisation may wish to send a personalised email to members promoting an affiliate scheme. You could personalise the landing page based on membership criteria; a follow up could include direct mail based on interests and preferences.

The options are endless. The technology makes it possible to create sophisticated, multi-level campaigns that talk directly to your customers, on a mass scale.

Better brand consistency with Web2Print

For multi-site businesses, such as retailers, hospitality chains or property agencies, web2print functionality is essential. It provides a way to ensure brand consistency on a global level while tailoring for a local market. Using global branded templates, language, text and imagery can be changed by the local user as required, according to admin permissions.

For multi-site businesses, such as retailers, hospitality chains or property agencies, personalised web2print functionality is essential. It ensures brand consistency on a global level while tailoring for a local market.


For the local office, end users can log in and personalise a print piece, or order a full-blown multi-touch campaign on demand. This gives the local region flexibility while maintaining brand consistency.

Achieve results with personalised marketing

Targeting is a key part of any campaign, especially one that uses personalisation. Ensuring that your data is clean, compliant and relevant is a fundamental first step. We will analyse your data, creating data-driven customer profiles. This enables us to make the right selections, matching your desired outcomes against customer behaviour. We’ll pick the correct segments for your campaign to achieve the best results.

We have experience across a number of sectors including retail, automotive, charity and finance;

  • Data – analysis, profiling and customer selections
  • Personalisation – creating dynamic, relevant campaigns
  • Email – variable content, linking to PURLS (personalised urls)
  • Direct mail – variable content, fully trackable

We advise on customer strategy and can create, plan and execute your campaign. While XMPie is our engine, our experience is the ignition!

Contact us to find out how XMPie and personalised marketing can work for your business. Call Nicki on 020 7846 0004

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