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Bring data expertise to your direct mail campaigns

Finding the right print provider is no easy task. Print is an emotive channel, able to convey your brand message through its visual and tactile nature. Due to the GDPR, it’s also enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

However, sourcing a quality printer is only half of the story. Sourcing a provider who produces quality print and ensures that your mail is data-driven, highly targeted and cost-effective is the key.

Source print and data expertise 

Direct mail campaigns are particularly effective for businesses such as retailers, charities and membership organisations. And having the ability to confidently segment mailings and ensure data accuracy is a crucial step to optimise campaign ROI.

Relativity offers data and print expertise, working on customer campaigns from luxury brands to high volume direct mail. From data profiling and selections to personalisation and production, including formats, paper specialities and finishes, we can help.

Our services include:

  • Segmentation, selections
  • Personalisation through variable data publishing (VDP)
  • De-duping e.g. household level, DPS keys
  • Cardboard engineering, bespoke packaging and dynamic content
  • Full production project management
  • Maximising postal services and discounts
  • Response analysis and handling
  • Reporting on ROI and match-backs

Improve results

We work with brands across the customer journey, creating strategies that connect with customers and drive sales. In addition, we offer campaign management from selections to analysis.

Bringing data expertise to your direct mail campaigns will increase engagement. In turn, our clients build brand loyalty, reduce costs and improve ROI.

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